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Lisa Kreuziger is a visual artist who is known to constantly evolve her practice with every new series of works. 

She started out making abstract expressionist paintings but soon worked across the spectrum of contemporary abstraction.

Drawing from diverse sources of artistic vocabulary, she often merges abstraction and figuration. Kreuziger never simply reproduces what her eyes see but dissociates of form and color she observes and re-associates these on a new level.



Lisa Kreuziger is affiliated with 

IAA - International Association of Art/IGBK -      Internationale Gesellschaft der Bildenden Künste

Espacio Gallery, London, UK

The Artists' Pool, London, UK

Artful, London, UK 




Her body of work does not only consist of paintings but also includes objects and installations. Going 3D has opened up a whole new range of possiblities and challenges. 

Collaborating and sharing experience with other artists has profoundly influenced her way of working and her artistic perspective. 

To her, art is a transformative process. It translates thoughts, feelings, memory or imagination into another medium seeking to capture the essence of an experience and communicate something profound about the human condition. 




1977 -1978

Ruprecht - Karls University Heidelberg/Germany

1978 -1983



Johann Wolfgang Goethe - University Frankfurt/Germany


MA (1.Staatsexamen),  J.W.Goethe- University Frankfurt/Germany

Teaching and Work Experience


1983 -1985

Geschwister-Scholl-Schule, Bensheim  (1985  2. Staatsexamen)

1985 - 2000

Landschulheim Steinmühle, Marburg, Germany

1998 - 2002

Transnational projects and multilateral network management/


Comenius- Socrates Program/ European Union

2000 - 2002

Head of the Language Arts and Fine Arts Dept.  
LSH Steinmühle, Marburg, Germany

2002 - 2008

Head of the Language Arts and Fine Arts Dept.
Martin-Luther-Schule, Marburg, Germany

2004 - 2008


2008 - 2010


2011 - 2017


since 2018 


Director of Studies for Languages and Arts, MLS Marburg, Germany


independent artist/ based in Sacramento, CA, USA


independent artist/ based in London, UK


independent artist/ based in London, UK and Marburg/Germany